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Web accessibility at GPD

We strive to ensure that GPD’s digital experience is inclusive and accessible.

We aim for a minimum level AA as defined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1).

With your feedback, we can ensure our digital products are equally accessible to all users.

Report an issue

Contact us about any accessibility issues you have found with the GPD website.

You can contact us by:

When you report an issue, make sure you include:

  • a screenshot,
  • a description of the problem,
  • where you found the problem,
  • what computer hardware, software and settings you use.

Testing of this website

This website was last tested on 6 October 2023. We schedule a test of the website every 6 months. We welcome hearing from you about suggestions for improving accessibility or about any issues occurring during your site visit so we can improve the GPD experience for all visitors.